Pegasus Snack Bar

Simple, affordable and fast…

Bratwurst (German fried sausages) for 1,80€

Our snack bar offers toast and sandwiches, Kisir (turkish salad), Bratwurst (German fried sausages). As snack you get delicious crossaints, muffins, home made cakes and coffee  - from espresso to cappucino. Our insider tip: Try our home made Tiramisu... yummy! Of course we have also sweeets, chips and drinks.

From dusk till dawn...

You are hungry in the middle of the night? No worries! Pegasus snack have open 24 hours, so you can get at every day and night time something to eat or to drink. In summer time you can make your break in the beer garden or sit in front of the hostel in the sun while having a fresh brewed coffee.

More offers

  • Draught beer
  • You ordered brekfast but need to check out earlier then breakfast-time? Of course you will get at Pegasus snack "un petit déjeuner".